Unconventional Jewelry

So Unconventional – Will it work ?

I have been a conventional high end jeweler for the longest time. My wife has been an unconventional jewelry consumer for the longest time. Diamonds maybe a girl’s best friend, but that girl is not my wife! She enjoys unconventional jewelry and therefore, is my best critique.

I left a couple of Xpressions and the ring base of my first prototype in her jewelry bijoux and watched from a distance. She chose an Xpression, tried it. Chose another one, tried it and finally settled for one that went with her outfit du jour. I watched her expression closely from being interested, to one of utter joy. I watched this happen for a week. Every time she chose an Xpression and changed it, she thoroughly enjoyed the process. I knew then I’d found a compelling idea. A piece of jewelry that thrills you each time you chose your look!