Daisy Xpression

Daisy Xpression

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Citrine Yellow Colored Glass,  set in .925 Sterling Silver with 14K gold vermeil around the edges.

This Xpression comes with an interchangeable mechanism that allows you to wear it on all our 6 Euphoria Gems bases i.e. ring base, bangle base,  small pendant base or the Fiesta pendant base, stud earring base or dangle earring base. Enjoy interchanging it between the bases and sporting a new LOOK each time! Flaunt the versatility of your Euphoria Gems jewelry…..Xpress yourself in 6 different ways with each Xpression!

Significance of Citrine color:  The cheeriness of the color evokes thoughts of joy and elevated moods. Giving a citrine colored stone or jewelry as a gift can be a symbol for hospitality, friendship, hope and happiness.

Size: 17mm

10% of every sale is donated towards the education and empowerment of the girl child in rural India where gender inequality still prevails.

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