Dawn White Xpression

Dawn White Xpression

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Faux Mother of Pearl is delicately set in Rhodium plated .925 sterling silver with brilliant czs to create this best selling Xpression. Dawn Xpression  comes with a secure, screw mechanism which allows you to wear it on any of Euphoria Gems 6 Bases i.e. ring base, bangle base, small pendant base or the Fiesta pendant base, stud earring base or dangle earring base.

Enjoy interchanging it between the bases and sporting a new LOOK each time! Flaunt the versatility of your Euphoria Gems jewelry…..Xpress yourself in 6 different ways with each Xpression.

Size: 22mm

10% of every sale is donated towards the education and empowerment of the girl child in rural India where gender inequality still prevails.

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